OpenSearch Support

pycsw supports the OGC OpenSearch Geo and Time Extensions 1.0 standard via the following conformance classes:

  • Core (GeoSpatial Service) {searchTerms}, {geo:box}, {startIndex}, {count}
  • Temporal Search core {time:start}, {time:end}

OpenSearch support is enabled by default. HTTP requests must be specified with mode=opensearch in the base URL for OpenSearch requests, e.g.:


This will return the Description document which can then be autodiscovered.

OpenSearch Temporal Queries

By default, pycsw’s OpenSearch temporal support will query the Dublin Core dc:date property. To enable temporal extent search, set profiles=apiso which will query the temporal extents of a metadata record (apiso:TempExtent_begin and apiso:TempExtent_end).

At the HTTP API level, time is supported via one of time=t1/t2 or start=t1&stop=t2. If the time parameter is present, it will override either/both of the start and stop parameters respectively.