pycsw Migration Guide

This page provides migration support across pycsw versions over time to help with pycsw change management.

pycsw 1.x to 2.0 Migration

  • the default CSW version is now 3.0.0. CSW clients need to explicitly specify version=2.0.2 for CSW 2 behaviour. Also, pycsw administrators can use a WSGI wrapper to the pycsw API to force version=2.0.2 on init of pycsw.server.Csw from the server. See CSW Support for more information.
  • pycsw.server.Csw.dispatch_wsgi() previously returned the response content as a string. 2.0.0 introduces a compatability break to additionally return the HTTP status code along with the response as a list
from pycsw.server import Csw
my_csw = Csw(my_dict)  # add: env=some_environ_dict,  version='2.0.2' if preferred

# using pycsw 1.x
response = my_csw.dispatch_wsgi()

# using pycsw 2.0
http_status_code, response = my_csw.dispatch_wsgi()

# covering either pycsw version
content = csw.dispatch_wsgi()

# pycsw 2.0 has an API break:
# pycsw < 2.0: content = xml_response
# pycsw >= 2.0: content = [http_status_code, content]
# deal with the API break
if isinstance(content, list):  # pycsw 2.0+
    http_response_code, response = content

See API for more information.